We have been building with WordPress for almost 20 years and have deployed this CMS for hundered’s of clients.

There are several reasons why WordPress is a popular solution for clients:

  1. Open-source: WordPress is free and open-source, making it an affordable solution for smaller budgets.
  2. Customizable design: WordPress offers a wide range of customisable themes and the option to create custom designs for a unique website look.
  3. Large plugin library: WordPress has a large plugin library that provides a variety of features and functionality, such as SEO optimization, security, and e-commerce capabilities.
  4. Easy to use: WordPress is known for its ease of use, allowing clients to easily manage and update their website content.
  5. SEO friendly: WordPress is optimised for search engines, making it easier for clients to rank higher in search results.
  6. Large community: WordPress has a large and supportive community, providing clients with resources, support, and a wealth of knowledge.

Providing a WordPress CMS solution to our clients can help them create a professional website that is easily managed and updated, while also providing flexibility and a range of features.


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