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Discovery stage


As part of our project procedure, we embark on a discovery stage, working intimately with our clients to get an intense understanding of their business, requirements, goals, brand, and business functions. Through this evaluation, we document client project needs and deliver extensive useful specifications connected to the wider business requirements and strategy.

These project documents highlight in detail the key client journeys, functionality and performance through functional specifications, sitemaps and wireframes.

Throughout this crucial stage of the project, it’s necessary to consider again the problems you are attempting to fix and the objectives you want your company to achieve.

To this impact, our Operations Director has devised the following guide to help focus your time and energy:

User's point of view

Always think from a user’s point of view. Don’t apply something (if you can!) simply because the senior management desires it. Apply real data like Google Analytics to rationalise your ideas, claims and thoughts. Behind each necessity should be a valid reason and don’t undervalue the opinions and feedback from your existing customers.


Engage: work together with your delivery team. We consistently find these people are the right contributors to the task because they know how to streamline procedures that they are familiar with and perform often. By not including these team members, you are possibly missing the chance to attain even greater value and achievements from the project.

Keep in mind

Always consider the business difficulty you are attempting to fix and the objectives you want to achieve. As the project scope begins to increase, you can focus your efforts and budgets on the products that will give you the desired ROI.

Business objectives

Retain your preferences and goals for your project in parallel with the wider business objectives. Marketing is highly effective when done properly and must be part of a significantly wider built-in technique. This is where we flourish and where Blackjack Media’s skills come into force.

Try it out

Prototype wherever feasible. Get friends, clients, co-workers or even colleagues to try a real project through your website. The insight this can provide is very helpful – it will help you improve and optimise your website to ensure it is even easier to navigate.